Manual urgente para radialistas apasionados. Front Cover. José Ignacio López Vigil. José Ignacio López, – pages. MANUAL URGENTE PARA RADIALISTAS APASIONADAS Y APASIONADOS . A production of María and José Ignacio López Vigil, with the support of the Syd. José Ignacio Lopez Vigil is the author of Las mil y una historias de Radio Venceremos ( avg Manual urgente para radialistas apasionadas y apasionados.

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We are when we say that we are. Skip to main content. That is the first law. Today, in our global village, after so many centuries and so many scientific advances, something similar is happening. When a group of neighbors decides to begin a radio project, what matters is not the neighborhood boundaries, but common concerns, shared challenges to improve the quality of life for the residents.

All sectors speak to each other; friends and enemies, from on top and from below, from the right, left and center. For years the press has been spoken of as the fourth estate. And in our Latin America, the variety of names illustrates the richness of experiences: What is termed the political scene has been built on that structure: At least as applied in our countries, it is nothing more than giving radio and television frequencies to the business that offers the most money. Faced with this unjust panorama, no sensible person can remain indifferent.


Never has Bertolt Brecht’s prediction been so fulfilled as today: Why not leave the adjective out and simply call ourselves radio? Now the television set and the radio are the new plaza.

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Categories audience research 5 board 6 camila 2 evaluation 4 financial man 20 fundraising 21 general 26 human resource man 5 ICTs 1 intro to community media 14 leadership 1 manuals 19 marketing 2 mission 3 planning 6 swot 6. In my business, we are open to all opinions. Democratic messages can travel on any waves.

That is the essence of community radio. The communications media, like King Midas, make everything they touch turn brilliant. Let’s look at numbers.

Just Jesus Volume II: The Message of a Better World

Vaccines, needles, medical posts, nurses, mobility Community radios promote the right to be different, from natural medicine to cooking recipes, from traditional celebrations of our grandparents to youth music that doesn’t classify in the big Iberoamerican music competitions and news that doesn’t get on CNN.

A theological presentation of major themes completes this unique reading adventure. Illegal is outside the framework of the law. What is it that makes a radio station a community radio station? Paperbackpages. Just as they do with nature, they try to tear down our peoples’ cultural biodiversity.

Manual urgente para radialistas apasionados – José Ignacio López Vigil – Google Books

Our communications media conceive of communication as a medium. The gap between the rich urgents the poor is growing at an accelerated pace: Let’s take a vaccination campaign. This demonstrates the attraction of the media and the vocation of service among many people.


In strict justice, there would have to be equal percentages for non-profit as well as for-profit enterprises.

Serbs and Croatians both buy the same Coca Cola.

urgentr In terms of journalism and communication, one can be a brilliant professional with or without an academic title. That is the swindle they want us to fall for now, the political slogan to contain the explosive situations in our countries.

Pra the communications media: It is difficult for them to credit to a third party what they themselves do not possess. Thinking is the child of the word, not the reverse. This last one is supposedly resolved with a few local radio announcements saying when the campaign will begin and urgenye parents should take their children. Maybe it would be more specific to say that community radios have been and continue to be opposed to any system that puts things above beings, that discriminates against people because of race, sex or creed, that permits a few to have too much while so many have too little.