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voyaging under sail, Cruising Lealea Archives

Dogs and cats of all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Fifth day in a row. I would be interested liahoan learn how and to what extent you plan your passages. Hi Guys, was just reading your blog you said nayo were having problems with your website provider, I have used a site called ‘weebley’ to publish a website for my sons tattoo parlour and find it pretty good, hope this helps. Will you remain to live on the boat for the winter or move off to something up on the hill?

Liahona, November 2012

No work at the vet clinic this afternoon so I will continue to work on our website and transcribe our logs from our last voyage. We are grateful to find such a well protected harbor for our second winter here in S.

I did bring my camera along but unfortunately did not get any pictures. We like it here so we are planning to stay over the July 4th weekend and enjoy the celebrations.

Probably won’t be cruising near Canada anytime soon, they don’t seem to like us much since neither of us has a full time job and we don’t have a permanent address. If so, please let us know via Facebook. The end of season solitude that we enjoyed last year may be in short supply during June and July. Ohhhh, this sounds good How do you guy stay worm in the winter or when your at anchor??? Notwithstanding, Glo, the Harbor Master, has assured us that she will make room. Now we are working on the Cruising Alaska video series and adding content to the web site.


I have been watching your videos since day one and always look forward to lkahona ones. It’s these logs that keep me looking at your site.

I have posted volume 5 of Families of Salinas Victoria online. Aloha Ron, Seems to be a common comment since YouTube last changed their format.

The governor said that the recent recovery in the economy, and a projected rebound in state tax revenues, gave him more room to push for increased spending on schools. For me, video editing, writing and simply learning new stuff.

I finally got around to creating a new banner image from one of Laura’s photographs. If you are on the American Vega Association mailing list you should have received this in email. Contrasting and comparing two Hawaiian artists: We love the drums but it is time for something different. What a beautiful place.

Your stories are wonderful and your photography is truly professional and extremely well done. No other boot combines the comfort and superior gripping sole Alaska fishermen need to work safely on wet decks. Beach accepted the head coaching job at Marianna High School.

Liahona, November by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Apple Books

Liwhona haven’t decided yet how far North we want to go. Tune in to find out. I just finished reading the latest entry into the Captains notebook.

I know it is beautiful there, but it all looks the same to me. Wise, who played football for the University of Miami, is scheduled to meet with the Graceville Tigers players today and expects to make the official move to Graceville before Spring practices begin. By the First Mate We are done with sitting one house and in another. I hope this answers Breezy’s question and maybe some of yours as well. It has taken a bit longer than he planned but he says it is starting to come together.


It has been raining the last few days so the snow is slowly turning to mush, more snow expected again tonight or tomorrow.

Look forward to your second AK winter adventures.

Yes,we are back on the boat. Taxes can be paid online at www. Time to throw another log on the fire and take the dog for a walk.

Liahona, May 2013

My wife and i are in Everett, WA. Manning May 29, at Spring is near and we will be setting off again soon to continue our exploration of SE Alaska. Look forward to the new videos and Laura there must be some awesome photography to share! I did get the Bogs. It will take another few days to re-edit and then upload to the website but I expect to have it up and available by liiahona week-end.

Not necessarily a bad thing but the boat is in need of a haul out and we would rather nayo that in Port Townsend. You will need to flow at least cfh through the boat for every person aboard.