LEON FESTINGER HENRY W. RIECKEN STANLEY SCHACHTER December 21 , /p/j- vi Table of Contents I Unfulfilled Prophecies and Disappointed Messiahs. When Prophecy Fails has ratings and 61 reviews. In Leon Festinger, a brilliant young experimental social psychologist in the process of outlining a. Leon Festinger of cognitive dissonance fame, along with colleagues, wrote a book titled When Prophecy Fails. It was an extended case study of.

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Even after his conversion some stanch adherents claimed this, too, was part of the plan. Fortunately, there have been throughout history recurring instances of social movements which do satisfy the con- ditions adequately.

Backsliders were reclaimed, and new ardor controlled those Adventists who accepted Snow’s reckon- ing, as they went out to proclaim the cry, “Behold, the Bride- groom Cometh, go ye out to meet Him.

The day the saucers didn’t come: The story of “When Prophecy Fails.” [Part I]

Obviously the only moral way to do a study of this kind is to have direct involvement, but I believe that the zeal of the researchers ultimately corrupted any kind of organic development this “cult” could of been capable of. The second condition specifies strong behavioral commitment to the belief.

Now what is the effect of whhen disconfirmation, of the unequivo- cal fact that the prediction was wrong, upon the believer?

Maybe you are a bit of a dick. How many you ask? As I reached it, I looked back and he was gone— just gone. The messages, according to Mrs. When two of the authors paid their first call on Mrs. With this background of esoteric knowledge, Mrs.


The various mediods of communication with the people of Earth can be explained by the various frequencies that we operate on.

We know that it was through conversation with this woman that at least two of the most faithful of Mrs. A landmark social study that reads at time like a Christopher Guest movie. We also have reason to believe that she talked freely with callers who came to her home, two or three of whom she had encountered at earlier group meet- ings. The connection between extraterrestrial messages and such visitors was probably immediately apparent to Mrs.

How can we explain it and what are the factors that will deter- mine whether or not it will occur? Up till now, the “lessons” had been virtually a private matter among Mrs. Festinger and his crew were very timely and opportunistic in finding a group that was specific about a prophecy that was sure to fail.

Keech forthwith, as a false prophet. In one gesture, he made the news of the flood public property, he com- mitted himself and his reputation to a specific prediction of world-wide cataclysm, and he took the first step toward the organization of a movement.

Such evidence as we have leads us to believe that Mrs. The slopes of the side to the east will be the beginning of a new civilization upon which will be the new order, in the light.

When Prophecy Fails – Wikipedia

We’re familiar with the variety of ingenious defenses with which people protect their convictions, managing to keep them unscathed thru the most devastating attacks. She had first encountered it in a curious story, trans- mitted to her on July 28, whose significance was not immediately apparent to her.

Instead, she was to seal the books in her possession fesringer wait for further orders which, presumably, would come from outer space. The story is interesting at first, but eventually both the sheer meticulousness and the weight of the upcoming disaster or rather, lack of disaster made it less and less fun for me.


At Stanford, Festinger began to fully develop the idea he called cognitive dissonance.

The epilogue deals with their methodology, incorrect assumptions, and leob necessity of being flexible when dealing with a group relying on automatic writing and psychic mediums for their direction. Jun 22, Robert Herald rated it really liked it. The Armstrongs and Mrs. Again, I liked the idea behind this book and thought it was an interesting effort, but ultimately I kept reading because the whole thing turned into a bit of a train wreck.

The study has its faults and these for the most part explained, as much as you can in this short text aimed at the psychological dilettante.

Keech, are sent to her by superior beings from a planet called ‘Clarion. This will be as a monument to the old races; to the new will be the Altar of the Rockies and the Alleghenies. We feel no sadness but are interested in the progress of the peo- ple festingre your Earth. The book has some interesting moments and in some points seemed like the basis for a TV drama.

I have been told that my door is to be always open to those who are ready.