ladle and a pre-heater for method of pre-heating steelmaking ladles, adapted from [7, 8] Ladle Pre-heater A ladle preheater is used for removing the. In this work it lowered scaling losses, refractory wear during reheating and ladle preheating respectively by improving the steel quality to be. Machines are designed as a stand alone systems for the preheating and/or drying of all kind of ladles. Proprietary design low NOx burners guarantee an.

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Following calculations and basic engineering, suggestions are made for optimisation and further procedures. In the case of oxyfuel burner systems there is a distinction between their use for pre-heating ladles which are circulated during the production process; and for drying new ladles made of refractory material.

Oxygen burners can be also supplied to reach highest temperature, reduce heating time lreheater reduce fuel consumption.

Horizontal preheating systems are often equipped with an air pgeheater with a 2-stage radiation recuperator or with an oxygen burner. A touch panel of type Simatic MP shall be provided for the operating mode choosing, entering of the casting ladle number and visualization of actual information.


In addition to the gases required for your process, Messer offers a variety of equipment for its optimisation under the brand names Oxipyr and Oxijet.

As MEFKON is not associated to producers of refractory material or components we are therefore able to integrate highest-quality products from burner, control and refractory technologies into our systems. Vertical Ladle Preheater Approx Price: Horizontal converter preheating station for several positions with air burner and 2-stage radiation recuperator.


These ladles are pre-heated to extend the life of the refractory lining and avoid costly over-heating of the metal bath.

We develop and redevelop these instruments using best quality raw materials and as per industrial parameters. Ladle Preneater Approx Price: Horizontal converter preheating station for several positions with air burner and 2-stage radiation recuperator Pneumatic lid movement Approx. We use cookies to personalize content, provide social media features and analyze traffic to our site. Ladles or other containers are used to transport liquid pdeheater which cannot reach the next process steps via gutters.

For more information, please read the page about our privacy policy. Ladle Drying and Preheating station.

The control and indication panel for equipment operating and process data controlling shall be placed on the switchboard. Vertical machine is available with several movements of the preheager according to Customer needs; horizontal machine can be designed for one, two or more heating positions.

Natural gas savings with oxyfuel: Natural gas, compressed air and oxygen consumption control, Instantaneous value recording for gas consumption and temperature with reference to the ladle number which will be entered by the operator ladoe the start of the drying and heating process.

Get a Best Deal. Vertical drying systems are used for tempering bricks and for drying monolithic refractory lining. This solution is considered an up to dated for reducing losses and fuel consumption and saving energy. The systems are controlled manually, semi- or fully automatically following compositions or temperature.


Ladle Pre-Heater Torch Kit – Belchfire

This website or the related devices use cookies, which are necessary to the working and to the purposes showed in the cookie policy. Vertical converter preheater with air burner or radiation recuperator or oxygen burner.

CFE Heat Treatment Bogie hearth furnaces Forging furnace Walking beam furnace with automatic loading system Rotary hearth furnace Furnace with semiautomatic loading unit Heat treatment furnace with quenching line water and oil Electrical heat treatment furnace. Higher combustion efficiency Faster heating-up times Lower fuel consumption Higher processing temperatures possible Lower exhaust gas levels Less dust Lower emissions Lower production costs Newly delivered ladles must be heated slowly following heating curves specified by the refractory material manufacturers.

These systems are often equipped with an air burner with the MEFKON 2-stage radiation recuperator or with an oxygen burner. These machinery are widely acclaimed for its various purposes functions and optimum performance.

Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number. Horizontal ladle preheating station for several positions with air burner and 2-stage radiation recuperator Pneumatic lid movement Approx.

Advantages of Oxipyr burner systems at a glance: With the availability in numerous product standard specifications, these instruments are available at reasonable price.