Default Re: Huawei CDMA E BTS Max Power??? HI I think it can be more than 20W because the RF board support MAX 60W. The 3rd Global CDMA Operation and Development Forum, themed. To illustrate this further, we can note that Huawei BTSCE power With Huawei latest CDMA BTS products, based upon the physical network. indoor type) and BTSAC (for outdoor type) are The complete series of CDMA BTSs, and relevant Thus, for the same traffic in a sector, a Huawei BTS.

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This manual also for: GND cables for indoor cabling racks and for outdoor cabling racks. When handling the cabinet, hold on the solid places such as the upper cable rack or bone frame.

Chapter 4 Installing Cables introduces the categories of cables installed on site, cable distribution methods, and procedures of connecting various cables in BTS cabinet. Clamp the cables to the bracket. Insert the boards according to the names on the relevant nameplates to avoid any mistake.

To remove cabinet doors, do it in a reverse order. The BTS in the multi-channel mode does not support the power synthesis function. Hjawei Installing a board 2 Tighten the screws clockwise on the front panel, as shown in Figure Outline Figure shows the outline of the lower support.


Page 70 – Distributing Protection Grounding Cables Page 43 5 M6x20 combined screw Figure Installing a cabinet on the antistatic floor Figure shows how to install a BTS cabinet on the floor without sufficient bearing capacity.

Huawei BTS3606 Installation Manual

The sectional area is 35 cables VL: Lead the cables into their corresponding cable-fixing troughs. Please feel free to contact 366 local office or company headquarters.

Page 15 The packing case is in good condition. Fasten the three bolt sets in the following order: Figure shows how to install a BTS cabinet on the cement floor.

Installation Method You need to prepare the U-bar support on the site. The following items must be checked For the proper storage, use and disposal of this product, national laws and regulations must be observed. Diagonally fasten them to a 45 Cma in-lbas shown in Figure Installing Other Functional Modules Normally, the fan box is installed upon delivery.

CDMA grows greener – Huawei Publications

The depth of the hole must range from 52 mm 2 in. Tighten the bolts on 33606 cover. This section introduces how to install the power module and what to pay attention during the installation. Chapter 1 Installation Preparations introduces how to arrange the personnel arrangement, check the installation environment check, prepare project plan and make kickoff coordination, and conduct the unpacking check.

  2WIRE 3801 PDF

They are used for the convenience of installation description. Don’t have an account? Connect the two probes to the paint-free place juawei the base and the expansion bolt.

No field installation of the fan box is required. Make sure that all the power modules are well connected with the backplanes, and that other boards and modules such as the CTRM and CHPA are not inserted in the slots of the backplanes.

Huawei CDMA E BTS Max Power ???

Otherwise, the equipment will suffer severe damages. Leveling the lower support See section 2. Wooden cases are generally used to pack heavy objects like racks, batteries, and so on.