Close Up Illusions. Written by Gary Ouellet. Work of Gary Ouellet. pages (Hardcover), published by Camirand Academy of Magic Illustrated with. Close Up Illusions [Gary Ouellet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Contains many magical masterpieces of close-up magic including. Close Up Illusions [Gary Ouellet] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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We send you tracking info Typically takes 2 days. The Other Brothers Interested in Close-Up Illusions?

Tenkai palm, card is apparently placed in center of the deck. Sponge Balls and Banana is one of my favorite items on The Very Best of Gary Ouellet DVD trilogybut it too demands that you be seated, though with a little bit of thought, one gsry adapt the routine for walk-around work. And much, much, much more! If you are interested in ouelllet pretty detailed table of contents, check out the following: Peter Reveen Buy it! The After Dinner Speech: As a convenience, you can reserve this item even though it’s out of stock.

If anyone owns it and can give me a brief review I would greatly appreciate it. Be sure to pick up a pack of mouse traps while you’re at it. Truth in a latrine. On the Oellet of Three!


Thunder Struck by Ken Krenzel. The Jimminy Cricket Double Lift. The Close Up Theater: For example, the Hirata Master Move, taught in his booklet the Silver Passage, is mentioned in the Silverdust routine, but not taught.

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See a site map. It was actually Dai Vernon who introduced me to Gary. Audience respect and sucker effects. The Paradise Ascanio Spread.

Can you profoundly move your audience? While they don’t offer any guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days.

Magic Tricks

Camirand Hardcover, pages, 7″x10″. Get to know how we do business! Lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photos, this book raised the bar on what a good magic book should be. We’re proud to let you read our mail. Also scattered throughout the book are Close-Up Hints, little kernels of advice on managing dry hands, preparing decks for manipulation, performing for magicians and more. The Paradise Count cards: You can call or e-mail iolusions 24 hours a day seven days a week!

Thirty-two chapters of original, powerful magic Hardbound, pages, with over photographs Full color dustjacket Printed in point font Stunning routines, quick foolers and incredible new gar Treasure trove of essential tips, hints, and advice on close-up magic Unparalleled essays on close-up theater, originality in magic, the art of giving a speech on close-up and the lecture game Ground-breaking material with cards, thimbles, sponge balls, dice, coins, glasses and more Years in the making A thrilling book on the art of magic for beginners and experts alike.


Toggle navigation Conjuring Archive. Finger on the Card Revisited. I, too, have this, and I can say that it is a fantastic book. The Impossible Thimble Vanish. No one who loves close-up magic should be without this classic book, now in its third printing. From easy-to-master gems to more advanced sleights and routines, Close Up Illusions was quietly introduced in illuskons early 80’s and went on to become a cherished collector’s reference work.

Some Words to a Beginner. He was a humble man and graciously took time to share some great tips with me, including teaching me one of the most beautiful and deceptive coin vanishes I have ever seen. Business Card Prophecy Move.

Gary Ouellet: Close Up Illusions

The close-up gady book of the year, maybe several years! The Flying Imp Pass. Coin Drops The French Drop: Man does time fly. Gary Ouellet, Quebec 1 Chapter 1: On the Preparation of Playing Cards, using soap.