SRDBDFS7EA4NY-V01L, Foxboro Intelligent Positioner, Lowest Price in Town!. Valve Positioner SRD SRD – Intelligent Control and User Friendly. Diagnosis report e-mail [email protected] PRI EVE A. Intelligent Valve Positioner SRD with HART, FoxCom, PROFIBUS-PA, FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 or Without Communication. srd foxboro eckhardt.

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A large variety of attachment kits for all common valves and actuators are available. Device Type Manager Files.

Foxboro Digital Valve Positioners

For the pneumatic screw connections we offer different threads in the housing and adapters. Home Contact Us Submit Enquiry.

Turn on more accessible mode Skip to main content Turn off more srd991 mode Loading. Foundation Fieldbus DD Rev: Digital Valve Positioner Selection Guide. The positioner is available with different communication protocols. The SRD consists of a basic device with a digital controller that supports different communication protocols or also simply mA input. Also, different manifolds for connection of gauges can be flanged on.


For very large actuators, boosters with increased air capacity can be flanged on. Do you have feedback on our website? The Intellegent Valve Positioner SRD is designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators and can be operated from control systems e. The local operation and configuration can be achieved foxbiro and easy by a multi-lingual full text graphic LCD in connection with foxborl three push buttons. Select a Valve Positioner Product: Standard are English and German; the third language is freely definable and foxbkro according to customer order.

The multi-lingual full text graphical-LCD optional with infrared interfacein conjunction with the 3 push buttons, allows a comfortable and easy local configuration and operation.

If you require further information on this product or would like a quotation, please contact dp-flow on: The most advanced valve positioning technology available, Digital valve positioners feature infrared interface for wireless configuration and diagnostic performance monitoring access, graphic multi-lingual LCD user interface and a comprehensive selection of process communication interfaces and protocols. Previous Products More Products.


Select a Valve Positioner Product:

Tell us what you think. Models are equipped with the functionally to perform valve Partial Stroke Testing PSTproviding plant maintenance staff and operators the tools to access functional safety performance of ESD Emergency Shut Down fodboro. For installations in contact with explosive atmospheres, certificates are available.

The list is updated continuously and can be found on the Internet under http: The positioner is available with different communication protocols. If you require further information on this product or would like a quotation, please contact dp-flow on:.

The Valve positioner DTM enables provides comprehensive “valve health” report information of the valve and all valve positioner configuration and diagnostic parameters.