By now, Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s DICTEE has become a postmodern classic. What makes DICTEE idiosyncratic, unforgettable,is its variance, its slipperiness. Dictee is the best-known work of the versatile and important artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha (). A classic work of autobiography that transcends the self . Best Book of Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha. Eleanor Chandler. ‘It murmurs inside. It murmurs. Inside is the pain of speech the pain to.

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Though the book didn’t revolve around men – a nice change of pace – they lurk in the dictatorships another inferred meaning of dictee that dominate the edges and prevent women and indigenous peoples from maintaining their forms of expression. However, the desire to fit Dictee in with prevailing theories has led to the exaggeration of French influence on Korea.

The Internet address of this page is http: We could argue against gender dichotomy, postcolonialism, what was she doing existing without a chaperone, how was she dressed, etc, etc, etc, but analyses that ignores the origins is worse than useless. For me, the language in fha book was amazing and the narrative passages I understood of great interest.


To extract each fragment by each fragment from the word from the image another word another image the reply that will not repeat history in oblivion. The narrative form itself fictee meanings out of the raw facts and these meanings can change based on the form of the narrative. The first four chapters are concerned with Japanese colonialism in Korea, the Korean War, and the subsequent military dictatorship.

Cha, Theresa Hak Kyung. So, even though I finished it this time, it’s clearly a first reading.

The Link and the Chain: The Individual and Communal Self in Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s Dictee | fiar

If you compare this image with the original photo of Yu Guan Soon Fig. The muses are female because they exist to be dicteee. The two languages need to be sufficiently close together for a reader to discern the differences.


The French influence on Korea is invisible, for it was negligible at best. She attended the University of California at Cna, where she earned both an M.

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Want to Read saving…. I’m sure I haven’t read it because I’ve tried several times unsuccessfully in the ccha to read it. Weirdly, her book anticipates her tragic and untimely death: The excessively formal and constrained style of writing illustrates again dicyee key theme of the Yu Guan Soon chapter — the inability of words to accurately express reality.

University of California Press. Minh-ha wrote about this fragmented, lyrical, unhinged exploration into Theresa Hak Kyung Cha’s memories and family and gender and race. This metaphor returns in the text at a later point. The opening paragraphs are written as if they were seen on screen, with a description of the variety of shots.

We could argue each of these concepts into oblivion so long as we subsequently committed to never engaging with each of them ever again. The length of text varies, with interjected moments of white blank pages and images photographs, documents, diagrams. The author also recounts her own mother’s painful struggle with the effort to keep her language alive, even at the risk of imprisonment.

Cha suggests that history is fossilised and lifeless and desires to bring these hidden stories to life.

On the street by a stranger’s brutal hand? Lyricism wracked apart by experimental technique, neither fully prose or poetry, fiction or nonfiction, image blending into text. It’s not a normal book. Well, this time I finished it. Re-released cah Third Woman Press, However, this reinterpretation follows none of the traditional rules. We could pass off this experiment as too obsessed with silence, with rhythm of breath, with lies and religion and history, too angry, too eerie, too vague and too difficult.

Earlier criticism had ignored the fact that the work was specifically rooted in Korean history in favour of cga it from a postmodern transnational feminist framework. I’m caught between complete confusion and a little unsettled. The image that ends the chapter exemplifies the manner in which Dictee exposes our desire to impose a narrative form on historical events Fig. I most liked the photocopied cursive letter onwhich was one of the two or three most straightforward sequences – that’s the trick of putting the most xictee narrative segment into an experimental form and getting away with generating interest out of melodrama because it looks funky.


The Body of Writing: View all 7 comments. Dictee seeks to restore the balance by writing her own Catalogue of Women. FoleyUniversity College, Galway Snippet view – We cannot argue into the void execution. I love the difficulty of the content. Jan 03, Ellie rated it really liked it Shelves: Dec 31, Ville rated it really liked it.

I confess that I admire Cha’s experimentation without even partially understanding it, and should you find it unreadable, I wouldn’t fault you. Problem is, I don’t know what to think. A visual arts approach to Dicteehowever, suggests that the subject of Dictee chooses her own community, thus restoring the primacy of the individual. I just mentioned it today, which reminded me to post. Similarly, the use of Chinese characters, with their deep semiotic coding, their resonance as a symbol of a colonial, occupational, and feudalistic past in Korea, and their “inscrutability” to laowai eyes, struck me.

The first time I read something like: Historical narratives can justify acts like the Vietnam War and Dictee can be seen as part of a larger intellectual effort to destroy national metanarratives that justify oppression and murder. Feb 10, Carrie Lorig rated it it was amazing. Does it suggest the inability of words to capture the raw brutality of this scene?