Antón Arrufat, the Cuban author of more than thirty novels, plays, and volumes of poetry and essays and stories, once tweaked a declaration of Sartre’s: “I was. Antón Arrufat on Amaury Pérez Vidal’s TV program. (CUBADEBATE). On June 13 , writer Miguel Mejides died in Havana, and on June 20 the poet and author. by mary louise o mendez rodriguez nunez. evelyn picon capote a.

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Now, the second one might sound more outlandish, like all true stories: He lived in a room of an old mansion in Revillagigedo, at the bottom of Monte, near Parque de la Fraternidad. Latest Reviews Features Fiction Poetry. Since the official media published news of Mejides’ death, but remained silent about Alcides, the occasion lent itself to PEN Cuba taking a stand against political censorship. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? It got a few good reviews in periodicals.

We used to go outside to sit on the balcony of his room. Then things took a downward turn, as if they had been thought out and organised in advance, like a governmental project.

A number of writers were forbidden to publish and many painters could not exhibit again.

Investments in railroad system continue in central Cuba. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

It would never be published or not for many years, until things changed. Q The White Review — So what was it like in the late fifties? Cubans shine at opening of Chess World Cup. At the same time, the Cuban Revolution had a creative aspect: Those who were able to read it had to read between the lines and intuit that, by mentioning Mejides and Alcides together, they were condemning the discrimination against the latter.


It was never sold in any shop.

The eighties brought speeches, publications, but the travel ban was one of the most devastating restrictions. Interview with DBC Pierre. The Revolution had not yet shown an inclination to control literary creation, or artistic creation in general; the institutionalisation of culture had barely begun.

It is mainly a right of Cuban readers, a right to memory, and it is for violations like this, and even angon, that a PEN should exist in Cuba. Cuba and Atrufat sign Agreement on Economic Cooperation.

Some changes, certain adjustments But if, conscious of their duty, they decided to keep a low profile, and expressly themselves mutedly, and engage in — now as president and secretary general of an NGO — even more dissimulation, the least caustic thing that could be said of both is that they combined their efforts as dramatists to produce a new farce that favors them.

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We could talk for hours. I was in second grade and I would have been about ten years old.

Antón Arrufat – Wikipedia

Hardly anything like today. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? But he was certain: And it was not until two decades later, inthat PEN Russia was founded. The dual categories disappear in a type of flow, a continuum.

Antón Arrufat Papers

Cuba Arryfat Toggle navigation. Hurricane Irma Approaches Cuba. But really there was nothing to ask: Jennie Rothwell is a translator from Spanish. I should mention that my play was met with suspicion before I entered it for the prize. Then it began to be lent to friends, increasing the readership. It was almost an ecclesiastical event, a rite of contrition.

There were no books in my house.

Antón Arrufat, Reinaldo Montero and the Defense of Cuban Writers | Diario de Cuba

It seems that someone more willing to make concessions than Miller contacted Arrufat and Montero in Havana. We see the freedom of Heberto Padilla as essential so as not to impede, through a repressive and undemocratic act, the great development of Cuban art antoj literature.


And, since President Arrufat and Secretary Montero have already been tapped, the way is blocked for any rebellious volunteers to try to found another branch of PEN Havana. It remains to be seen what Arrufat and Montero will do, although some of this can already be discerned by examining the condolence note sent by both.

The other, appearing days later in La Jiribilla, contained a text published by Roberto Manzano on Facebook. But will they follow its principles, or abandon them? The manager appeared, her face in contortions; she was furious and she raised her arms, shouting: Q The White Review — Were you told not to publish, or was it just a given? She was the most insistent on voting against Los siete. Many writers and artists who had been excluded for being homosexual, which was considered a political aberration at the time, were readmitted and returned to publishing and exhibiting.

Books by Anton Arrufat

That was how I wrote and made a clean copy of eight hundred arrufag of the manuscript. Now, who were those people dancing, singing and getting drunk? PEN International supported Salman Rushdie and his publishers when a fatwa was declared against him, and currently spearheads efforts to hold the assassins of Russian journalist Ana Politovskaya, shot dead in Moscow, accountable.