A high priced male escort and a blind gay man meet by chance. What ensues is a hot, steamy romance between two men looking for something more than a one. Afflicted II. The second book in the Afflicted gay romance series by Brandon Shire . Book 1: A high priced male escort and a blind gay man meet by chance. What ensues is a hot, steamy romance by two men looking for.

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Return to Book Page. Their love for one another is palpable but the crux of the matter is that Hunter has to acknowledge his feelings. Return to Book Page. Can you feel it? I have a strong feeling that I’ve read several. Cancel Thanks for telling us about the problem. The Backlot Gay Book Forum — members — last activity 23 hours, 55 min ago The members of The Backlot formerly AfterElton love to chat about the latest in gay books.

The Great I afflivted this book from start to finish. At least that’s what it looks like to me.

View all 15 comments. I’m going to share what made the good, the bad, and the eh for moi.

View all 4 comments. Life happens; life does not ask for permission. Every story needs its Jiminy Cricket, and Shu-shu is it. The tender conclusion was absolutely perfect. His development was a beautiful journey to read. Every single touch, every kiss and every smell have a afflictee meaning.

I suppose brsndon just wasn’t what I was expecting and therefore one of those books where I never really felt a connection with the characters. He was a mallet banging on things well beyond, and deep inside, that place where the darkness of Hunter’s missing vision could not go.


To view it, click here.

I mean, I DO get it, because of all the shit Hunter is thinking about in the scene, and how well Dillon seems to know him, but. The email process for requests to join isn’t reliable so if you haven’t been admitted within 24 hours, PM Stacey Jo directly with your request to join.

There is nothing lovey-dovey here. Of course, maybe that was just me and I got used to it?

Afflicted II

For in the very first pages I discovered that this book is crafted by a true wordsmith, with a poetic lyrical talent that vividly transcends the normal experience of story telling. I loved to see Dillon work through his family issues, and I have to admit that I really fell hard for this guy.

Afflitced only is the sex hot and very satisfying, the emotional component has grown considerably—both men are opening up to the other; not always an easy thi After reading Brandon Shire’s story, AfflictedI was impatient for the followup book.

You get to know the characters inside out and you just have to roo November When you are reading Afflicted you can close your eyes and the words will be raining down on you, embracing you and you will be having a highly intimate and very animated visual.

If you read A1 then this is a must. It was smart and funny and heartbreaking all at the same time. I’ll just say that Mr. I love Hunter and Dillon and can’t wait for more from them. And just like that I was back in the game! I tried to read this again because I loved this author’s other book, Cold. I still really don’t see the point.

He opens himself to this new-found connection and lets the chips fall where they may. The emotion is there. Brandon Shire proves he understands the complexity of writing LGBT fiction from two very different viewpoints — serious and smexy. They begin to develop an intense relationship based on mind-blowing sex of course. I’m fucking tired of books that denigrate overweight people.


He wanted to drag Dillon back to the couch naked as hell, straddle him, and lick Dillon’s chest while Dillon smoked one of those filthy cigarettes in his house and rammed that big circumcised cock up his ass. Maybe he needs to feel trust in someone before he lets that part of himself show, or something.

It all made for a great read. Maybe not now – what he did was wrong.

Afflicted – Book 2

Bookwatcher on March 11, I have to congratulate the author for such beautiful writing. Refresh and try again. Their sex was raw, and kind of intense for me, Hunter descbribes how he likes the smell of sweat, street and man, and it can’t get any raw than that. It made me realize how much I miss you guys though.

Afflicted: A Blind Gay Romance (English Edition) eBook: Brandon Shire: : Kindle Store

He might even throw a tantrum or two to prove it. This story is filled with pure, raw need mixed with love and real life. For that alone, I gave it 5 stars, but the heart of the story is even better.

I would still love to read a 3rd installment and see where Shire takes these guys.