Download your free PDF file of the honda odyssey on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual ( pages). Posted on 26 Oct, by KeegdnaB. Model: Honda Odyssey. File size: MB. Honda Odyssey Owners Manual [Honda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. factory original owners manual.

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Towing a Trailer Your vehicle tires and odysey are Pre-Tow Checklist Spare Vehicle Tire properly inflated see pageWhen honva a trailer, you should When preparing odysseey tow, and before carry a full-size wheel and tire as a and the trailer tires and spare are driving away, be sure to check the spare in case you have a flat.

Determine from the chart on pages andor the diagram on the fuse box lid the diagram for the driver’s side interior fuse box is on the kick panel below the fuse boxwhich fuse or fuses control that Page Cooling System Do not add any rust inhibitors or other additives to your vehicle’s cooling system. Disconnect the wire connector 4. The Maintenance Schedule specifies Service your vehicle according to the how often you should have your reasonable roads within the legal time and mileage periods on one of speed limit.

Use one of the If you use a non-Honda floor mat in foam-type carpet cleaners on manuak the driver’s footwell, make sure it market.

honda odyssey Owners Manual | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

See timing belt on page to determine need for replacement. Brakes Accessories and Modifications. Pull the floor carpet up by Remove the spare tire basket. Together, airbags and seat belts provide the best protection in a moderate to severe frontal collision.

If time you fill the fuel tank. Place the new air cleaner element The coolant lines inside the air on the air cleaner odysseyy, then cleaner housing may be warm. To make sure you and your passengers get the maximum protection from your vehicle’s safety All doors and the tailgate are closed and locked see page Then push and release the door is unlocked.


These ownerz contain detailed information about your vehicle, and can be downloaded, searched, and printed.

Audio System Audio System Lighting Dolby B noise reduction turns on If the system reaches the end of the You can use the instrument panel when you insert a cassette. Keys and Locks Glove Box An open glove box can cause serious injury to your passenger in a crash, even if the passenger is wearing the seat belt. Page Carrying Cargo Cargo Net On EX model You can use the cargo net to secure items in the cargo area, and store small items between the two halves of the net.

Make sure the windows are closed.


For greater cargo capacity, the seats in the second row can be removed, and the bench seat in the third row A replacement unit must be an original Honda part or its equivalent. Malfunction Indicator Lamp Readiness Codes If possible, do not take your car for a state emissions test odysssy the Your vehicle has certain “readiness codes” that are part of the on-board readiness codes are set. Nonda the head restraints. You should Carbon monoxide gas is toxic.

The driver’s airbag is stored in the center of Emergency backup power in case the steering wheel; Towing a Trailer Handling Crosswinds and Buffeting Parking Crosswinds and air turbulence Follow all normal precautions when caused by passing trucks can disrupt parking, including putting the your steering and cause trailer transmission in Park and firmly swaying.

The Owner’s Guide provides a quick how-to on basic functions and features. When used in 2.

Page Seats To change the seat-back angle of the bucket seats in the second row, pull forward on the lever on the outside of the seat-back.


Climate Control System button directs the main air flow to the windshield for faster defrosting.

Charging System Indicator Immediately turn off all electrical By eliminating as much of the accessories: Use removed from the wheel for repair. The spare tire is stored under the floor between the first and second row of seats. Slide the wiper blade assembly onto the wiper arm. This could result in against the center of the chest, as serious neck injuries during a crash.

Put the light assembly back into the tailgate. Honda will repair or replace any seat belt component that needed. Your Vehicle’s Safety Features What you should do: Prepare the vehicle for towing as The bumpers are not designed to described above, and leave the Using gloves or a large heavy Connect the the jumper cable connections to the booster battery.

If the engine still does not start, 2. See owbers Honda dealer as soon as possible. Don’t have an account? Taillights, Changing Bulbs in. Pour Honda All Season base of the filler neck. Lower the vehicle to the ground Make sure it locks in place.

2001 Honda Odyssey – Owner’s Manual (363 pages)

To install the side fold the third seat into the floor forward. Page Accessories and Modifications Modifications In 20001, any modifications that Additional Safety Precaution decrease ground clearance increase Do not attach or place objects on the Do not remove any original the chance of undercarriage parts airbag odysdey. Pry on the rear edge to the left and right of center. Power Windows The master control panel also con- The MAIN switch controls power to the front passenger’s window and tains these extra features: